Godzilla Hawaiian Shirt

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What a simple truth. But now lots of experts in USA are striving to convince people to wear a mask. Just a simple mask. Godzilla Hawaiian Shirt. Why so difficult? Freedom? No. Less of responsibility, less of sense of consequences, less of compassion and love, less of leadership from the top.

Godzilla Hawaiian Shirt

Godzilla Hawaiian Shirt - detail
Shirt – detail

They’re proven NOT to work actually. And the way people are using them is actually making them more susceptible to all viruses and bactiria. Godzilla Hawaiian Shirt.Masks should cover both mouth and nose not just the mouth. Also they are most effective when the sick wear them to prevent spreading germs, but even the healthy should wear them just to be safe. Let’s make something abundantly clear. Covid19 doesn’t care about your rights and freedoms. It doesn’t care if the mask makes it difficult to breathe or makes you look like sheep. It doesn’t care that masks are uncomfortable and that stores make you wear one. It doesn’t even care if you live or die. The only thing it wants is to find a host body to infect and make copies of itself.

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