Godzzila starry night poster

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I do think this is ideal, but understandable if not possible. Godzzila starry night poster. What is not understandable is that citizens married to people without social security numbers were also excluded from recieving stimulous checks. Remember all the crops they harvest so we can eat. We can’t find enough people here to do that backbreaking work. Relief fund should be given to those who have been displaced because of the virus.

Godzzila starry night poster

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Hey what about including the US citizens you left out in the first stimulus solely based on being married to an ITIN holder? Godzzila starry night poster. I pay taxes but was left out. Fix that issue first, then work on the other. I’m not sure I understand how that is feasible. Don’t get me wrong, I support getting the undocumented into citizenship, but when they are afraid to be noticed by the government, and we are struggling right now to help current citizens, I just can’t wrap my brain around how this would work. The undocumented also need to send money to their families in their home countries, so the next relief package should include extra money for them on top of the same benefits as US citizens

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