Golden Retriever Christmas Door Cover

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Im not a trumper… what do you expect republicans to think— when you hear crazy ideas and plans.. having people like Maxine waters pushing violence on any republicans Trump supporter , and now in Detroit same threats towards republicans.. and to hear her say the Biden/Harris administration owes Detroit and BLM says the same they owe them.. it’s been a lot.. Golden Retriever Christmas Door Cover. and I unfortunately don’t see it getting better but I hope it does. last remember their names and they should be held accountable when their seat is up for next election remember people these are people that wanted to sell this country out for Donald Trump.

Golden Retriever Christmas Door Cover

Golden Retriever Christmas Door Cover - pic 1
Door Cover – pic 1

Most of the crazies are trumpers. Look at the violence against Democratic politicians like Whitmer. Give Biden a chance. He seems to be caring and a patriot. With him, it is about OUR country, not HIS presidency. Stop looking at the glass half empty. I am embarrassed for how our country is looking on the world stage. We have always been great, despite Trump and the rebellious republicans. Why couldn’t they have emulated the Bushes or Kaischs?? I hope.. I will always respect our president.. always have.. when you look at his past definitely can give you doubts but maybe in his older years he has more compassion here’s to the next 4 yrs!! And hopefully both parties calm down and get back to our roots.. when we could disagree but still make things work for all.. I do have to say it’s been extremely tiring arguing all the time.. he’ll get there soon enough. Even if he pardons himself and his family, the Justice Dept should prosecute them anyway, and let the SCOTUS decide if pre-emptive pardons and self-pardons are constitutional. so stop arguing, maybe say a prayer for our new President and his administration and all the people who lost their lives believing Covid as a hoax. Let’s hope for a gentler kinder America, all of US together! All 126 Republican members of the House of Representatives who supported this lawsuit should be tried for Sedition against the United States in accordance to Title 18 of the U.S. Code (which includes treason, rebellion, and similar offenses), specifically 18 U.S.C. § 2384. the left didn’t try to overturn the election and Hillary conceded. Golden Retriever Christmas Door Cover. What’s with you guys and pointing fingers. Try to stick with current times and the issues at hand. Overturning millions of votes isn’t the same at all. I think it’s absolutely poetic that the last presidential candidate who won without Ohio and Florida before Biden was Kennedy who also ran against a corrupt candidate… Nixon. Americans will remember in the next election who chose loyalty to Trump rather than to the people of this country and democracy and it will not bode well for them politically. people will remember who sole this election and will NOT let cheating happen again. Time for a civil war and take our rights back and follow the constitution!. Democrats have been warring against democracy for four years while projecting their own sins through Alinsky tactics. It’s impossible to miss. Would that this were so, but there are many among us with a short little span of attention and too many others yet convinced of the emperor’s clothes. So we remind them.. and we don’t stop!! Cause this was too close!! The news should list every last one their names so there is no doubt ! And we need to help our fellow Americans in Fl and Tx!! Bless their hearts.. they got some evil Repugs there. Let’s hope the reminder the Republicans hear most of is the reminder that we are all Americans first. That would be something to rally around. we’re Constitutional Patriots and there will never be peace with you pitiful, brainwashed, indoctrinated sheep. umm you that follow Trump are the cult members and the sheep you sold your soul for a con man and BTW would you like some cheese to go with that whine. Didn’t the republicans pick up several seats in the house, closing the democrat majority to the lowest since WW2. Took 31 states legislators houses. Just in time for redrawing voter districts.

Do you love it? Golden Retriever Christmas Door Cover. Buy it today before lose it forever.

Mema Bandoni wow, you are in deep. The Republicans are the party that are trying to destroy the constitution, trying to overthrow a legitimate election where no widespread fraud was found, trying to delegitimize millions of votes cast legally by Americans. No one has any proof there was fraud. Period. Just because you don’t like the outcome doesn’t mean there was cheating going on by the other side. You’ve been conned. You all were warned 4 years ago that Trump was a conman, but you were too deep in the quicksand to get out before it ate you alive.

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