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Sandra Miller I call BS. When he was elected the republicans held both houses with no change in sight. The only reason the democrats took over the House was because of 45 and the voters opinion of 45 and his actions. So BS on the preconceived notion. It also isn’t a coup. Golden Retriever Knowledge Poster. If 45 gets impeached Pence takes over the presidency…not Hillary Clinton. It also is not overturning an election. Impeachment requires meeting standards and having evidence and was put into the Constitution to prevent a president from doing what 45 is doing abusing his power, putting our national security at risk and obstructing justice and congress.

Golden Retriever Knowledge Poster

Golden Retriever Knowledge Poster - 24x36
Poster – 24×36
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Poster – 16×24
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Poster – 11×17

The president is not above congress or the judiciary, he is equal. The Constitution gave the House the responsibility of overseeing the presidents’ actions and charging the president if his actions met the criteria for impeachment and the removal from office if necessary. Rethink what you are hearing from republicans and Fox. Look for facts and not the emotional ranting of those trying to defend the indefensible. Broaden he abused his power by withholding funds for a personal gain. If he wanted Biden investigated he can request it on our soil. The Ukrainians have their justice system and we have ours. Impeachment of this self-serving demagogue is finally a move in the right direction. Golden Retriever Knowledge Poster. Sadly, damage to this country is done. It’s going to take ages to recover from it. Tom Bradberry and really only 1 was justified and also never went to vote because Nixon Resigned first.

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