Golden Retriever Nice Butt Poster

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To echo others on here. Dental problems are a health problem. I’ve known two people in the past two years that ended up in the hospital in ICU because they became sepsis from a bad tooth that they could not afford to get fixed. I think if you can die from it it’s a health issue. It shouldn’t be a luxury to have good oral health.. Yes! And lower the eligibility age to 58. Lots of seniors suffering while waiting for age 65.. How about Medicare for all citizens. We are so far behind other countries in health-care and making sure our citizens have access to medical care. One plan for all.. I never understood why eyes, ears, teeth, and emotional/mental health was optional to cover when they aren’t optional for living and working.. It is not unusual for single elderly women like my mother who raised children and worked hard driving school buses , owning small businesses etc to only collect $800.00/month. Golden Retriever Nice Butt Poster

Golden Retriever Nice Butt Poster

Bernie. I’m a senior living on a fixed income of $600. a month. I don’t own a house or any property. I live in a 50 year old decrepit mobile home with holes in the floor and ceiling, in a rural trailer park, on someone else’s property. I can’t afford heat or A/C. A senior living on $2,200. a month is doing great compared to me, especially if they have a paid-for home. This wouldn’t happen in many other countries and it shouldn’t happen here. It’s unnecessary.. Medicare is immoral and should be abolished. It’s wrong to force some people to pay for others’ needs.. That is why we sign up for Medicare plus blue cross PPO and other advantage plans. We pay appx $20 a month so we can get this.. My mother lost most of her teeth because Medicare doesn’t cover. Hearing aids were out of the question. She stretched her piddling social security to get glasses, or she’d have been eating her applesauce in the dark as well as silence. Golden Retriever Nice Butt Poster

Golden Retriever Nice Butt Poster

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