Golden Retriever take my hand canvas print

Do you love it? Golden Retriever take my hand canvas print.  Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.

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It surprised me that many states voted Trump out but kept GOP senators that supported his rein of terror.. didn’t make sense to vote for Biden then keep those that will block any moves to correct the problems.. Georgia we need you one more time, vote blue in big numbers like you did for Biden / Harris.. Georgia we need you! Just not for Georgie, but for the rest of America! We are counting on you! Please get out and vote!. You should be down there rallying the troops again!. So much calmness in his voice. I have missed that feeling. So ready for some real leadership without tantrums, conspiracy theories, hostility. You know what to do, Georgia! #blue. I pray Georgia pulls through one more desperately needed “miracle” for the sake of us all .. Come through Georgia, get out there and vote, every vote counts as seen by the extraordinary turnout for our new president Biden, woohoo!! no excuses!! Golden Retriever take my hand canvas print

Golden Retriever take my hand canvas print

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Golden Retriever take my hand canvas print 2

We need you Georgia so we can move forward on so many important issues like Climate change, equality,…etc. This is the kind of message I’d like every American to support. Silence criticism and complaints and voice what is possible when we all work together for the well-being and equal opportunities of everyone.. Let’s choose a better future full of truth and honesty Georgia. We need a blue wave!. Georgia the entire country needs you to vote Blue. Georgia please let’s show these republicans a lesson . Please don’t vote against your own interest. They don’t care about us.. period. Vote blue. How can u not give us 2k of our own tax dollars. Come on this is america….. Mr. President, your portrait should be hanging in the White House.. I still get choked up when I see John Lewis. What a beautiful person, and I feel guilty for not being in the right kind of trouble for a while now! Golden Retriever take my hand canvas print

Golden Retriever take my hand canvas print

Vote BLUE Georgia . Well Jesse it was actually 8 yrs of greatness, the end of the United States started 4yrs ago, and about to be saved once again!!!. We’re counting on you Georgia a vote for Democrats is a vote for you. Come on Georgia, show up one more time and show out! Vote blue!. Dems may have lost the Georgia runoff when they gave in and voted with Republicans instead of pushing for $2k with Bernie Sanders. Obama, Biden, and Kamala are not progressive, and represent the corporations just as much as our current administrative.

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