Goldendoodle dog i love mom mug

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Canceled my Amazon membership in 2020 in solidarity with the workers. I hope that many, many others overlook the convenience and entertainment of it and seek those things elsewhere and follow suit.. America has had Jeff Bezo’s since it’s beginning. That’s why Unions were formed. Loopholes need to go. Monopolies need to be broken… But if someone has a genius idea and makes billions.. creates jobs…gives service to everyone. Should they be penali… See More. Jeff does give a great deal of his wealth to charities. But his employees need to be paid fairly and treated with humaneness.. He is despicable. He could pay his workers everywhere $50/hour with full benefits and still be so rich he could never spend all of his money. It is sickening.. He isn’t the one over taxing, creating laws to make it tougher for everyday people, raising interest rates, closing businesses.. funny how the people who’s job it is to help people, and keep life affordable keep pointing at people who manage to still m… See More Goldendoodle dog i love mom mug

Goldendoodle dog i love mom mug

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Ben MchenryEliminate at-will employment and see how quickly the People unionize. When you can be fired without cause, just talking about a union could mean your family goes without food.7 . Eric BrahamBeing from WV the UMWA Coal Miners Union built the state. Miners are some of the highest paid workers in the state thanks to their advocacy. My mother’s UMWA health insurance literally saved my life…..Now the state is voting against Democrats who bac… See More39 . Kiril ZivrevAnd the government will clap hands, cool. The politicians will be proud of the labor force1 . Dave GlennonRight to work states has always meant right to work for less unions guarantee better job conditions pay and benefits 18 . James McsherryLetter to Bernie when did you become the Senator from Alabama ? Is not the job of a senator to take care of the people in their home state. If want we have a number of places in Bennington Vermont that could use a union. If you still know where Bennin… See More7  Goldendoodle dog i love mom mug

Goldendoodle dog i love mom mug

Karl MoorcroftAlways ask why the company doesn’t want you to have a union? That is the reason you need it more!6 . Devon MichaelsBezos is the first trillionaire and he took hazard pay away from workers during the worst surge of the pandemic. Tells you everything you need to know about the guy who doesn’t pay federal taxes and receives federal subsidies. Unionizing is a must. 69 . Eddie EJ VazquezIf they vote union this may bring on a wave of organizing across the country. Best thing that could happen to the working class and the country72 . Dwight WalkerEven thought there is tons of stuff on Amazon I would buy, I refuse to use them in protest of how they treat their workers.19 . Ken DobsonAmazon is currently on my ‘boycott list’ until they start behaving more civilly in employment relations.9 . Carolyn Peters-EckelI support the UNION workers. Amazon has the resources to pay them and to improve working conditions.3

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