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Sofie Schrøder PletEhm… Relaxed is not what I’m feeling right now Play GIF18 . Yefry Arias QuesadaChris Hemsworth seems to be such a nice guy! I love that kind of celebrities8 . David CullTara Cardwell didn’t you have a nutter adoptive daughter that fawns over this guy? Judging by his voice… I’m not sure it’s going to inspire much meditation…3 . Nancy Green SchmitzYou could sing me Mary had a little lamb” and I would be happy. 2 . Stacey TravlosHe has me at the 1st breath! Omg! He can breath like that for me any time!12 . Donna SeybI find it more arousing than relaxing 10 . Dana Stroud SmithIt would be awesome if you could wish my daughter a happy 21st birthday! Taylor Smith! 2 . Natalie WindsorYou have one of the most beautiful voices, spirits in the world so I look forward this, how wonderful 3 . Reyna MárquezVery important meditación, but with that voice and that arms, oh my Thor!!3  Golf Lover Classic Cap

Golf Lover Classic Cap

Jill PhillipsOmg that voice is sooooo soothing and that face and smile would make anyones day better6 . Ja QuelineClosed my eyes while listening to that deep voice, is a whole new experience. 2 . Norka Peña Utria I’m with my eyes closed, breathing slowly and suddenly from the corner of my eye I see your muscles omg my anxiety returned lol4 . Corneillius SangsterNot sure that I’d be doing much “Meditation” listening to the voice of the very hot & sexy C.H. while thinking of those biceps … more than likely doing another word beginning with “M” 9 . Kelsey RoseUmmmm, this may be used for something else with all those sounds he’s making 11 . Alice SullivanJesus meditation I don’t think so he has to have the sexiest voice on earth if that’s not enough he’s got the body to go with it 1 . Elyse PauwelsNo this is meditation! Nothing else! Behave yourself4  Golf Lover Classic Cap

Golf Lover Classic Cap

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