Golf weapons of grass destruction face mask

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My husband has hearing aids and wasn’t diagnosed until elementary school. We always watch tv with the subtitles on and now even though I can hear and even when he’s not around, I always use the subtitles. . Mary, such a sweet story!. Mutebe Henry. I’m born deaf and wearing hearing aid. I have profound hearing loss and yes it is true hearing aid just amplify the sound. It is very hard to lip read especially in this covid period as people wearing mask. I feel you and I’m so glad for your loving br… See More. So the saying goes, “if you need to know how to treat someone with special needs look no further than their sibling.” . As a person with a hearing disability this spoke to me in a very personal way. How sad that your brother and parents didn’t learn sign language to communicate with you. My heart is breaking for you. Golf weapons of grass destruction face mask

Golf weapons of grass destruction face mask

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Be blessed Brandon. Enjoy your blessings Christy and Sebastian. It was your time to win, you are much more than deserving of it all. Thank you for keeping the faith and not giving up.. And hats off to you HONY. What you do by telling all these stories and trying to help people is amazing. Well done!!!. 1.1 million now let’s gooo . Without “Humans” we’d never have known about these people!! Bless you Brandon, for bringing us their story! May they be blessed with good health and much success!!!. So happy for their family and their daughters. It takes a village to raise a family and they now have a village. God Bless!. This! This is what social media should be used for!! Thank you to everyone who feels like I do about this awesome family and their determination to build a life in the Roswell community. I cannot wait to be in town later this month and pay them a visit… See More Golf weapons of grass destruction face mask

Golf weapons of grass destruction face mask

You’re a remarkable human being to connect people the way you do. You have a gift of selflessness that empowers people to help others too. Thank you for making the world a better place. I’m so thrilled for this family.. This makes me a little bit more proud to call myself an American today.. This is AMAZING. The world needs these reminders of human kindness, and strength.. Brandon, I’m truly amazed at the power of your webpage. This is handsdown the best thing to have come out of Facebook. Congratulations to this deserving family. May the funds provide some much needed stress relief, some time to properly analyse thei… See More. I loved their story. They’re such a wonderful example of how immigrants to the states are brilliant, kind, wonderful, hardworking people who make our country stronger. . THRILLED for this deserving family who will surely pay it forward with their generous hearts and healing food.

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