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In charge of the EPA in which has weakened the standards so bad it no longer protects our environment or our health. As you recall reports indicated that Trump did put it the CEO as Secretary of the State. Gonna Feed The Babies Phone Case. As your recall reports have indicated Russia indeed had placed Trump in office so that he would remove the sanctions from Russia so that Exxon and Russia can pull off their 500 trillion dollar merger.

Gonna Feed The Babies Phone Case

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And become the world leader in the oil and gas industry. Right now they’re playing the people making Trump look like a hero by pulling out the troops. Leaving a few behind to protect the oil. In other words he just handed another countries oil over to Russia. Reports indicated they have intentions on invading the United States coastal area, are Parkland, the Arctic and Alaska. For the first time in history Trump is allowing the EPA to carry weapons. Gonna Feed The Babies Phone Case. That tells you they’re fully aware of the danger that will occur. And that’s probably why Trump is unwilling to sign the climate change agreement because he knows he’ll be held accountable. Bringing us down to our niece so that when the polluters bring their toxins in and start poisoning us and our air and Waters, people be so desperate for a job they won’t complain that’s their strategy. We need the Democrats in to put the sanctions back on because we know better that we do all can agree we don’t want our air and water killing our families. We have positive alternatives that’s being stopped because of the greed of oil. We need progress enforcement and we need it now cuz we’re in great Danger.

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