Good trouble face mask

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Thank you so much, Mr. Biden for such a beautiful tribute. Good trouble face mask. We need you and your team to not only support righteous good trouble but to create it in Representative Lewis’s great memory. Threatening war seems like the opposite of what people theoretically supporting the democratic process should be doing, so what I’m hearing from you is: Republicans are going to be domestic terrorists if they don’t get their way.

Good trouble face mask

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Such a terrible loss for our country. Thank you for paying the respect he was due. I can’t wait for you to take office so we will have compassion and dignity back in the White House. This is how a President acts. Thank you for showing John Lewis the respect and honor he deserves. Good trouble face mask. I can’t wait to have a civilized President again. What an inspiration this man was to so many generations including the young generation. His phrase good trouble stays with me. I hope we can continue to carry on down a path John can be proud of. But just know Mr. Vice President. Should you win this election we will hold you to the highest standards. As congressmen Lewis would have. As we all should. I have faith that come November we as a people will reject this demogaugery and become the great nation we claim to be on paper. Good luck this fall Mr. Biden. I hope you live up to the task should you win the day in November.

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