Good vibes only welcome doormat

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My grandfather diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I watch him loosing his Identity, I wish no more grandchildren and children go through this devestating experience. Keep up the good work. Hopely we should benefit from what you have said. Thank for your immense contribution.. You have a golden heart and change the world. Wishing you and your wife and children and grandchildren having excellent health and successful in your great jobs.. If there is one “good” thing about Covid is that it is showing that working together, sharing information, having focus, the learning curve about a disease and how to defeat if is much faster.. Thanks for all the contributions. I have seing a lot of life differences from life from what some people call third world country to a first world country. Stress life, anheahtly eating and poor mental health.. Thank you for your input! My father died of Alzheimer as well. He was a doctor and a very smart man. His younger brother followed him a few years later with the same disease! So scary! Good vibes only welcome doormat

Good vibes only welcome doormat

I’m so sorry for your loss. But I thank you for everything you are doing to put the Alzheimer’s puzzle together so we don’t have to watch our loved ones suffer from it. My father has it and it is devastating.. When you are given much, your responsibility to give back multiplies. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Gates for taking your roles in society so seriously. Your consistent, generous, faithful support of health projects benefit us all. From a grateful nation, thank you.. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease. I wish that bad and cruel thoughts such as killing people, jealousy, many bad behaviors would be erased from the human mind. Beautiful thoughts were replaced.. Sir, u are sent by God to change the world. Thank you for accepting that responsibility. God bless u and send u again even to the next generations. U are a great blessing indeed.. This is a man that the world knows Bill Gates. He did an excellent job to help the ppl. all around the world. He share his fortune for every country that less fortunate, the poverty, the climate change, the vaccine for poor ppl. the advance technology, infrustracture & so forth. He tried to search to solve those problem that the poor country dont have any technology to use in their country. Good vibes only welcome doormat Bill Gates is great and generous for his wealthy. and he cont. his mission to help as long as he stand still.

Good vibes only welcome doormat

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