Goodfellas Car Sunshade

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Japan must really be doing something vastly different than the United States. Could it be intelligent, steadfast leadership along with a citizenship with respect for one another and the health of their neighbors. Nothing new. Trump golfs more than he does anything else. Goodfellas Car Sunshade. Except lie of course. Trump does that every day. You better win !!!! You were never my choice but I’m voting & supporting you !!! Pick a strategic VP !!! Don’t lead a lazy campaign and be cocky like you got this in the bag like HRC did !! You need to be boots on the ground like your last boss was , that’s how you win

Goodfellas Car Sunshade

Goodfellas Car Sunshade - detail
Sunshade – detail

Just keep showing this over and over! It would make a great TV ad with nothing but this image and a voiceover by Joe describing Trump’s failure to address the pandemic and the cruelty of trying to end Obamacare at this point in time. Even if people fast forward through it they still get the horrific impact of the graph. Goodfellas Car SunshadeThis country, despite heroic and amazing effort by many, is collapsing due to lack of responsible leadership in every area of government, and lack of everyday people to take on half an ounce of personal responsibly and just simply wear a mask. I hope that we can really double down and kick this pandemic. We need more than a one time $1200 check. We need real and meaningful action to stabilise housings we need our farmers to be protected. We need our transport infrastructure protected. We need every grocery store to be able to safely handle 100% curbside and delivery. We must be bold, and stop wasting time. Wasted time is wasted life and resources. Pull the hell together, America, or we are in for a world of hurt long term.

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