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The law is the law! Goodfellas poster. Don’t you scream that all the time?

Goodfellas poster

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poster – A2
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poster – A1

Don’t break the law and you will be good. No excuses. Goodfellas poster. So calm the fk down. The jail time is NOT for cutting hair. It’s not even for violating the stay at home order. It’s for contempt of court. A temporary restraining order had been issued by the judge and she violated the TRO. – We are a nation of laws. I understand her concerns, but she was wrong. Also, people have to think long term. If you open too early to feed your family, then get sick and/or make your family sick, and worse die, how are you helping your family? Who will take care of them in the future. Do it safely. I completely agree with you, The ignorance of most people replying to your post is mind boggling. agree but do it when it is more safe for everyone. We have had to suffer for 3-4 months. The depression and World Wars last much longer and people suffered and worked together to get through the difficult times. Its just now, people don’t want to give up their material life styles of TV, phones, polished nails, clothes, etc. If I open is only my decision and everyone has their own brain and they can decide themselves. Goverment should stop this tyranny and stop destroying the country. It’s too much! But what is the difference going to be a month from now? The initial goal was to not overwhelm the hospitals, and that never happened. What exactly is the benefit of waiting another month when a vaccine is likely 18 months away?

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