Grandkids spoiled here doormat

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Michael FieldsHow does a tech guy claim to be an expert in climate change and vaccines? 730 . Mina WalsmitYes, let’s do it together. Maybe you can start. You and your lovely friends have a lot of money. Maybe you can share it with us all. Then we all are able to have a nice life instead of the 2% right now. Then I will buy your books and read it. Otherwise… See More339 . Tauheed Muhammad Kodour mission is to reduce the population of the world but ur evils ambitions will never work. the population of the world will keep increasing in ur eyers day by day insha allah.250 . Rvi MeenaIn india , we prevent climate disaster by arresting activists #DishaRavi101 . Alexis TafaghodiChina, India, Africa , world pandemic and now he found another play ground for going after people’s life and money , I believe he and his products and books and advices and his face are the only disaster we need to avoid. 16  Grandkids spoiled here doormat

Grandkids spoiled here doormat

Richard CranfordI sure hope his.little book doesn’t say bad things about plastics or fossil fuels because those products that made him a billionaire need a lot of.fossil fuels and plastics28 . Andrew WilliamsJust leave us alone nobody voted for you or your friends at the world economic forum to rule our lives.257 . Alex KiforishinEasy, just sell your 50,000 sq/ft house in Medina, sell your multi million dollar house in Rancho Santa Fe, sell all your private jets and ask all your buddies to do the same, this alone should cut carbon footprint by at least 50%, and we’ll have anoth… See More105 . Jimmy MutterI mean wouldn’t he just release the book digitally so he wouldn’t have to cut so many trees down if he was worried about the environment? 29 . Gino EnasI tell you how you can avoid climate disaster. Just disappear Mr. Gates and the world and its climate will carry on as it has for million years before you were born. Thanks to God.22  Grandkids spoiled here doormat

Grandkids spoiled here doormat

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