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Pepper LatelDental care not being included in standard medical care is a travesty.Let’s pretend for ten seconds that dental care is only about cosmetics and aesthetics (spoiler: it’s not, it has lasting and permanent physical health effects and implications but go with it for ten seconds here)….Someone with all snaggly fuckered up teeth is automatically discounted as a human being capable of intelligence and thus relegated to bottom of the barrel jobs all too often. Because we are assholes and associate dental care with $$$ and thus value.All dental care should be cared for with medical plans so that people are brought to a more equal playing field and thus able to get better jobs and be a part of a better economy. This isn’t rocket science.64 . Mary ValuriPepper Latel very good points. Yes, care of the teeth affects overall health, doctors know it, but somewhere along the line, health insurance companies managed to exclude dental coverage as being “unnecessary “. I questioned an insurance company rep ab… See More4  Grandma Criss Cross Tank Top

Grandma Criss Cross Tank Top

Charlie PrendergastThe middle class didn’t bail out the banks, Bernie, Obama and the Federal Government did. Nobody has ever paid the money back to the taxpayers… it’s still our debt!And now you want to give more to colleges turning out uneducated graduates that can’t make $15/hr?Pay the middle class what the federal government took from them. They’ll decide if they want to be intelligent breadwinners or degreed burger flippers.2 . Treo BenajanNo, the corrupt government bailed out the scammer schemer corporations with taxpayer money, we the people,all got the short end of the stick, homelessness and debt. We should stop voting Democrat and Republican they’re all too corrupt to have any interest in the people they’re supposed to serve. We should end gerrymandering,4 . Joseph WronkaNot only that but a major predictor of landing in prison is unemployment and a major predictor of a job is a college education. So, do you realize how much prison costs? Billions. As a proactive strategy education is much cheaper actually… when will we ever learn that?4  Grandma Criss Cross Tank Top

Grandma Criss Cross Tank Top

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