Green Bay Packers 3D Face Mask

Do you want it? Green Bay Packers 3D Face Mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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Kemp has made it clear he cares nothing for good infection control practices, the elderly, cancer patients, those born with lung diseases, those with diabetes even the thousands who have died already. Green Bay Packers 3D Face Mask. His answer….stay home if you are vulnerable….you have no right to buy groceries…

Green Bay Packers 3D Face Mask

Green Bay Packers 3D Face Mask- pic 1
Face Mask- pic 1

I have no reason to protect you…you are a burden on society…I think you should die….get a job and catch this virus but stop getting a check from the government. That is Trump’s agenda. That is Kemp’s agenda. That is the agenda of the Repub Trumpers. And yet they claim to be more Christian. So, how long do we all stay inside ? Just curious as I have not heard anyone explain how we can remove the Virus from our shores or the World for that matter. Always complaints and opinions but never ever a viable solution. That is novel too. I did not say we all need to stay inside. Green Bay Packers 3D Face Mask. A mask mandate would be nice, requiring safe operation of restaurants, schools, bars with social distancing requirements would be nice. I’d like him to do something significant here at home For our people. Not saying that the peace agreement isn’t good, but heck what about his own constituents? The ones who elected him. The Senate is out on vacation til Sept and we’re twisting in the wind waiting for a Covid relief bill to pass. The WH is just as responsible for holding up that bill. It’s Meadows (Trumps man) who is doing the negotiating for the Republicans.

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