Green Bay Packers Filter Face Mask

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When the food supply chain is interrupted, that’s when this gets really really real. Green Bay Packers Filter Face Mask. This is the beginning of what we all are fearing the most.

Green Bay Packers FilterFace Mask

Green Bay Packers Filter Activated Carbon Pm 2.5 Fm Face Mask- pic 1
Mask- pic 1

If any of you have friends that hunt now is the time to buy some deer and elk meat from them! Green Bay Packers Filter Face Mask. Leanest meat around. Meanwhile back here on planet earth where facts matter, NY and LA are seeing a decline in cases and hospitalizations. It means they’ve already hit their peak and are flattening. one of the things that would be an issue if stay at home orders not followed. Yes employees at food processing plants are essential but employees got virus from somewhere and bringing it into facility. This could happen at any type food processing plant. Smithfields in Sioux Falls South Dakota meat packing plant over 80 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Still open and operating. Shame on you CNN for the panic inducing headline! The article clearly states meat shortages not expected at all, yet you insinuate it knowing most will not even read the article. they can only blame the headline on themselves. Unnecessary article leading to unnecessary panic. Great job CNN let’s start panic meat buying now this is what we need…so sick of this culture of fear that this so called news outlet loves to create. Can’t put out enough bad news CNN the American public demands more doom and gloom. let’s hide from reality and blame the media. Less workers equal less production. Rocket science.

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