Green Bay Packers 3d face mask

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This is capitalism failing through and through. Green Bay Packers 3d face mask. The failures of a market system is causing the extreme inefficiencies and cruelty in the allocation of resources, which is always the case but the pandemic makes it abundantly clear. The forceful extraction of the value of our labor and the hording of that value by our overlords just isnt a very stable economic system and its time we democratize the economy so that the rich elite can no longer leave us high and dry like this

Green Bay Packers 3d face mask

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face mask – detail

Too bad we don’t have any presidential candidates running on a platform of change. I guess having an empty pantry is just the new normal for more Americans now. My dad can’t get a stimulus because of his small business holding up putting in his tax return. Green Bay Packers 3d face mask. That business is also failing because of jobs being closed and not being able to work in homes because he works commercial and residential audio video installation. He told me today by the time he would be able to put in his return and get that stimulus he will be out of business and probably lose his house along with everything else. People like my dad need help now. 3 rallies a day. Ever have the energy to do 1? It drains you. He is a power house! Of course he would not be playing golf most if the time like DT.


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