Green bay packers hawaiian shirt

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So interesting to read all the trolls and their comments. All sound the same, and make the same idiotic points and statements. Too bad they think anyone is fooled. Get a life, cause you don’t have one in Moscow! What do you think Putin will accomplish by 2036. You know how to get it done? Green bay packers hawaiian shirt. Then why the hell haven’t you in the last 50 years you’ve been in Washington? Or even the eight you were Vice President? Shouldn’t you be taking a nap in your basement

Green bay packers hawaiian shirt

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shirt – detail

He’s going to improve the economy? They just had 8 years to do that. Trump got historic numbers across the board for most jobs added, lowest unemployment rate. You have done little in your 40 plus years. Joe means “latest false charge of corruption” brought up by partisan democrats. Has there been any convictions? Green bay packers hawaiian shirt. Any irrefutable proof of Trump “corruption”. Perhaps the discussion should be about Burisma, or how a man who is a career politician became rich, if we want to talk about corruption. While I do agree with this, I can’t get past Joe’s hypocrisy on this. When he was in the White House he did the exact same thing, including extensive speeches about infrastructure if not literally infrastructure week, to distract her from scandals that we’re hitting the White House while he was there.

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