Green bay packers signature poster

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and it includes $$$$$$$$$$ for foreign countrys that have NOTHING to do with Americans Covid relief! Shame on you all. $600 is a huge slap in the face for all Americans!!. You should quit immediately if you think you are helping your constituents you are the exactly what’s wrong with this State and Country. You are only looking after your own interest and power.. This is a joke. 2.3 trillion, a Bill close to 6,000 pages. You only had a few hours to read, let alone understand it, and you voted for it. BLINDLY!. Tell us about the money included for defense, museums, and foreign countries, too.. Why was any of this money allocated to a foreign country?. What’s up with all the $Millions being sent over seas, while barely dropping crumbs to the very taxpayers that pay your salary? Disgusting!. there is more foreign aid in that package then anything domestic….i don’t get that while we are going through so much. Green bay packers signature poster

Green bay packers signature poster

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Excuse me, the relief package should 100% be for America, nowhere else!. 100s of millions to other countries! My tax money how dare you say it’s a good thing! You should be arrested for treason!. Why so much of tax payers money headed to other countries?. It would be a great time for you to retire. Praising Mitch for the Barrett hearings… time to say good-bye, Di.. You people why don’t you ask the GOP specifically Mitch McConnell. Him and his GOP cronies are the one who prevented the congress giving Americans more money. Thats why it took so long. The GOP fought for the rich corporation. They were not even willin… See More. Dems buckled and Pakistan won $10 in gender programs? I’m confused. $600 for US Taxpayers and hundred millions goes to foreign governments, that is what they do to Americans during the lockdowns of nine months. Great really great, stealing election ane stealing money from the hard working Americans. Congress is a big… See More Green bay packers signature poster

Green bay packers signature poster

I never heard him say he was going to use the courts to illigitimately claim the Presidency.. Explain why you Dems are trying to keep officials from OBSERVING the vote counting? Why don’t you want anyone to see what you’re doing?. Go give him a hug maybe that will work.. Your key phrase, Senator, is “in accordance with the law”.. The POTUS is not trying to illegitimately claim the presidency. Every legitimate ballot should be counted. The POTUS simply wants to confirm that each ballot counted is legitimate. You should have no problem with that.. I have to show my ID to buy cough medicine. Yet no one asked me for a thing when I vote. . No he is doing the legal thing since many have denied poll watchers. Biden hasn’t claimed a win. It’s Trump who claimed he won. Just look at the votes counted. Biden is currently ahead. It’s a statistical fact.

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