Grinch ew people cloth face mask

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I understand your point. Grinch ew people cloth face mask. Its alot to unpack but at least it helped.

Grinch ew people cloth face mask

Grinch ew people cloth face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

As a black woman i loved the help, but i understand the criticidm that came about upon furthering the discussion in light of recent events. Ignore any negative an rude comments. Grinch ew people cloth face mask. I mean….fantastic movie. Amazing acting with great story line showing how it was and to teach you where we should never want to be again! Can we just keep it that way?! We can’t leave it that way because ” that way” leaves White Supremacy in place. We can’t leave this world the way it is- its killing most people! I know and realize they didn’t. I’m trying to understand and look a lot of things from their perspective. But I don’t see how is that going to change something what already happened. It is in the past We can’t go back!!! I’m looking at this movie as something what speaks to me. Something , somehow and a lot of ways needs to change. This movie should be an eye opener to who ever watch is it …that that time in history was wrong!! Unfortunately many years later shamefully as far as I see it …this country still battles to make things better. Georgina Petro i think you’re right it is wrong. What is wrong about the movie itself though, and others like it, is the assumption that White people cannot relate to a civil rights movie unless the main character is White. Ultimately it ends up sidelining the Black characters and their voices, which should be highlighted in such matters. Not only that, our view of their characters are only portrayed as those who suffer, while the White characters get a plot line, a romance story, and evolution.

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