Grinch ew people covid 19 face mask

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Fake news fake news fake news. Is that the best you can do?? Grinch ew people covid 19 face mask. I’m not a news agency.

Grinch ew people covid 19 face mask

Grinch ew people covid 19 face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

And my comments aren’t news. You sound like Trump. Fake news. So who do you support then, politically, if not Trump?? Im in New Zealand so neither Trump or Byden. And once again This was not a Yrump Biden thread it was China Virus.Typical leftie to use distraction techniques. He didn’t tell us for 2 mos. re COVID. He said it was just a flu, remember. 200,000 died because of 45. He is a sick narcissist, only for himself. NEVER empathizes or sympathizes with anyone who suffered greatly! I’m in NZ also. But you can support other people. China Virus, that’s a Trump term. China virus. In NZ we don’t call it that, its called covid19. Typical lefty?? Grinch ew people covid 19 face mask. Nothing typical about me love. The only purpose of Tesla is to exterminate the internal combustion engine by proving that an all electric vehicle is a realistic alternative. Elon Musk isn’t even interested in making money from Tesla. If he does, that’s even better, but that’s not what his concern was when he founded Tesla. It’s all about pushing EV technology forward and helping the planet. I wish I worked for Tesla. I just know a bit about Tesla and Elon Musk because I do this thing called reading about him and I listen to many of his interviews. Look, I mean no offense at all by this, but I don’t think you understand what kind of genius Elon Musk is. He’s almost not even human he’s so intelligent. I recommend watching his interviews on Joe Rogan’s YouTube page.

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