Grinch ew people coronavirus face mask

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You know Biden couldn’t manage himself out of a paper bag! Sorry because we allow for our states to “govern” themselves, these decisions of autonomous zones, violence allowed in their streets were all made by the Democratic Governor! Grinch ew people coronavirus face mask. If you look into facts, President Trump has had to step in at the federal level with law and order for Seattle and soon to be Portland! Just like a parent helping out a misguided child.

Grinch ew people coronavirus face mask

Grinch ew people cloth face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

And let’s not forget the Senators, congressmen and governors that back and enable this “stable genius” vote blue from dog catcher up. I will feel safe, even with the challenges, when you are president. It’s hard to see light at the end of the tunnel with Trump. Grinch ew people coronavirus face mask. Thank you again in advance for your leadership. Carol Emery what leadership, he’s been in office for 40+ years and has nothing to show for it! Try doing your homework and the truth will prevail, better yet look at the #walkaway and read the horror stories and you will see them not only walking away from the plantation you will run as fast as you can!! Brian Starka is his name!! Trump 2020 USA. Trump’s watch not Biden gotta wait blamming everyone but the man in charge. All the deaths the horrible economy all on Trump. Buck stops with him. And over 92% of African Americans are voting for Biden. Maybe you should do a little more homework and get back to me why that is? Trump has caused more hatred and division in this country than I have ever seen. Trump has already lost this election just needs to be confirmed on November 3rd. And this is a former Trump voter

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