Grinch i hate people face mask

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This is the type of ad you need to continue to do. Easy to understand, using Trump’s own arrogance against him. Grinch i hate people face mask. You have learned from the LP, so keep at it and run this in PA and other close states! Now how about one on Trump’s taking an Alzheimer’s test and thinking it was an IQ test and say in that ad only people doctors suspect of cognitive trouble are asked to take such a test.

Grinch i hate people face mask

Grinch i hate people face mask - detail
face mask – detail

I don’t understand Trump Jim Jones why he want to open up school knowing we don’t have the coronavirus under control but he want to throw all the kids into the fire If my child and grandchild get the coronavirus. Where in the hell is the 25th amendment when we need it. Ridin that Covid train China Joe? Grinch i hate people face mask. That’s all ya got? Thanks to you who sold the soul of our country to China to enrich yourself and your family bringing us where we are today. God forbid you stumble to our Oval Office. It resembles the phrase “depth chart” in pro sports to show how good their backup players are. The fact that he would say death chart is an unthinkable play on words. He couldn’t even say show me the numbers or prove your statistics.

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