Grinch stay out of my bubble face mask

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I have done all that is recommended (besides the masks) for the last two years because of my son being born with 5 congenital heart defects. Grinch stay out of my bubble face mask. It is time to lift the restrictions and let people handle their own as we have in the past!

Grinch stay out of my bubble face mask

Grinch stay out of my bubble face mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

Guidelines fine but the lockdown needs to stop! Grinch stay out of my bubble face mask. I want to take my kids out without the threat of Children and Yourh being called. I want to let my kids interact with family without having the cops called because there maybe more then 10 people in my home (seriously we are 6 member household). We need help and I am asking for your support and help! Please do not let our Governor kill our economy and continue to with hold our constitutional rights. He threatens hospitals, businesses and people to keep them compliant to his will and order. Please help us! Hopefully there will be some good to come out of all the educational institutions being shut down nationwide. Because now would be a GREAT time to rewrite the hiring process that democrats have snuck into place for hiring liberal minded, mentally deranged, teachers and professors. In order to groom future voters… They want people to dump the milk,kill the cows,pigs and chickens,, No eggs,milk,butter or meat. Testing plant derivative chicken nuggets in China? You have to stay home,don’t drive,,oil prices dive, They want us all to vote by paper so they can put who they want in…Their way to force us all into the green new deal.. global compliance by way of a pandemic.

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