Groot Hug Baby Yoda shirt and sweatshirt and hoodie

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Riker Long there is no issue. Groot Hug Baby Yoda. Legitimately curious if there is a plural form.

Groot Hug Baby Yoda

Groot Hug Baby Yoda sweatshirt
Groot Hug Baby Yoda v-neck
Groot Hug Baby Yoda hoodie

And finding it very interesting that nobody is able to answer the question. In farsi we don’t have any gendered pronouns so it all relies on context. We don’t even have he or she, just they. This wasn’t a recent change, the language is just built like that. It never occurred to me until i started learning french where everything from he to she to chair to ceiling lamp is gendered. Now THAT was confusing (for a beginner). But people adjust. It’s simply, just better clarification for plurals e.g. those two over there etc. Groot Hug Baby Yoda. They or them was always too vague and open to misinterpretation and require clarification, so now it’s simply expected. Whilst they or them is one or more other persons. Really not that hard to get your head around once you adjust. I understand, but nobody in the real world is actually going to relay sentences like that, it’s just not going to happen. I’m just wondering if those people see themselves double in the mirror. No one can just decide to change grammar and Biology because he/she feels insecure in his/her own body and has decided to make up a story. It’s “no one can just” or “one can’t just”. If you’re anal about grammar, double negatives in a sentence are grammatically incorrect in standard English. Also, I can just decide to identify myself as a pineapple and to require and demand you to call me “Holy Pineapple” otherwise I would be deeply offended you didn’t respect my personal believes, I could use company bylaws and get you fired for offensive speech. How that would feel?

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