Grumpy Dragon Coffee Co Poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Grumpy Dragon Coffee Co Poster. Order now before lose it forever.



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Let me ask you a basic question that millions and millions world wide know. Grumpy Dragon Coffee Co Poster. Do you know how many sealed federal indictments are being processed right now.

Grumpy Dragon Coffee Co Poster

Grumpy Dragon Coffee Co Poster - A3
Poster – A3
Grumpy Dragon Coffee Co Poster - A2
Poster – A2
Grumpy Dragon Coffee Co Poster - A1
Poster – A1

Just a ball park will do. But you dont even know that do ya? Grumpy Dragon Coffee Co Poster. And you call yourself an American lmao. I’m trying to be patient. My head hurts from all the obvious lies and emotional manipulation bombarding our airwaves. I’m just trying to remind myself this is world wide, so it takes time. They are up against the most powerful, evil people on the planet. If there isn’t a plan happening to take these people down, than our country is screwed and NWO will be here this decade. The point is, Trump is running out of time. He should have gone on the offensive sooner. Instead, he let the Dems free to concoct lie after lie. Now he’s got a Pandemic to deal with. If he loses re-election, all these crimes will go unpunished. Whole-heartedly agree with all of your fears. I want nothing more than the swamp to be drained in DC, but I think Trump’s handling of everything has been fantastic. He’s been under investigation the entire time, and yet, he continued to prioritize his promises to the American people first. He could’ve been like the Dems, wasting all of his time trying to take them down, but then he’d have no base to stand on for re-election, and he would’ve let down all the people who put their faith in him. None of us could’ve predicted this pandemic (except maybe China, the Clintons, Bill Gates, the D.C. swamp, and the WHO).

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