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Why should we be concerned about the person currently leading by 10% over the second person. Guardians of America. Let’s not forget he hasn’t lost the popular voteyet and he’s on track to go all the way to the super Tuesday with a perfect record.

Guardians of America

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The multi millionaires and billionaires are freaking out right now. We a see his chops as the race moves out west. He might be back in South bend in two weeks. It’s way to early to say that. Not everyone is rallying for they candidate like us. But they will also vote on November 3rd. If you’re that worried about then you better make sure you go out and do everything you can to support and get Bernie elected. If Buttigieg is so worried he should drop out now and endorse Bernie. Guardians of America. Spend the entire time campaigning for Sanders. I also share that concern. The socialist should be running on their own ticket like they used to. Leave the democrats to theirs. And then the republican party is extinct so that’s sad. Not wise for Pete to attack Bernie. Conald and the GOP love when he does that. Much better to present plans for change and to explain how Pete will capture votes of people who currently favor Bernie if Pete wins the nomination instead of Bernie. Frankly, Bernie should do the same in the other direction. Pete is so fake. Pete cares about one thing. Thats getting pete elected. He couldn’t care less about the voters. No to pete, no to biden, no to Klobuchar, and especially no to Bloomberg.

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