Guinea pig bath soap poster

Do you want it? Guinea pig bath soap poster. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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Got laid off last week, I’m told I’ll get COBRA coverage sometime in the next month, though they couldn’t tell me how much it will cost. Guinea pig bath soap poster. And I never managed to spend my way through the deductible anyway, couldn’t afford to. Thank you for trying to end this financial and bureaucratic nightmare, it means so much to have someone actually fighting for us. The nightmare would have been much worse if we had medicare4all because then people would have been dying in much greater numbers.

Guinea pig bath soap poster

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poster – A2
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poster – A3
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poster – A4

It’s so hard to get health insurance after you get laid off. My son was laid off on February 6 and he still doesn’t have healthcare! He fills out form after form and still nothing. It’s so scary with the pandemic and no healthcare! I’ve been fighting for Bernie and Medicare For All since Bernie ran in 2016. Little did I know that one day we would need health care so badly. Guinea pig bath soap poster. Yes prayers to all essential workers -truckers included. We love you and appreciate all you are doing under such a war time pandemic ! You are all on the front lines. Let us not fight our restaurants which stayed open and fed many peeps who dont or can’t cook etc. you are hero’s during a time like this. You have been in office for 39 years. Funny how we haven’t heard all of this before now. Just like all politicians, their platform changes to fit the current narrative.

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