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Of course more people will now be known to have the virus because of more testing. Guitar chords mug. What you are missing Dementia Joe (besides cognitive thought processes) is that the death rate has gone down so much that even the CDC is close to ending calling it a “pandemic” anymore.

Guitar chords mug

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Joe, you are a national disgrace. You accomplished nothing as VP and very little as a senator. All talk and no action other than enriching your family from foreign governments.I guess you have forgotten the racist comments and votes you did for decades. Forget about Tammy Duckworth as VP she was born in Thailand, not natural born American–can’t become President. Biden is the perfect candidate for the dems they want someone with dementia who can be easily controlled by the radical mob and then ousted by the 25th Amendment ASAP so they can get their unqualified black woman president. Biden is the puppet who will bring the anarchists into power riding on his coat tails. Guitar chords mug. Heyy sleepy Joe Biden mr president trump is doing good so far. He doing better than what you sleepy Joe Biden and Obama did when the H1N1 swine flu virus outbreak that came from Mexico. You sleepy Joe Biden and Obama waiting for 6 months and over 12,000 people to die before you sleepy Joe Biden and Obama called a national emergency when the H1N1 swine flu virus outbreak and you sleepy Joe Biden and Obama didn’t even close the Mexican border to help with the H1N1 swine flu virus from spreading

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