Guitar rug

Do you want it? Guitar rug. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.

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Who the F does this yahoo think he is!? I heard Cuomo’s own words come directly out of his face saying that he wouldn’t allow it to be distributed in NY under Trumps administration. He needs to take responsibility for the chaos and mass deaths that occ… . UhAndy – He will be out of office by the time the vaccine will be available so that was a pretty stupid comment. This was definitely a political ploy instead of an intelligent response. Uh YES ….Guitar rug. Trump said the vaccine would be distributed everywhere but New York State……. Why should any president have any control over how an item created by a company is distributed. Cuomo is a pathetic Governor. He blame Trump every things except himself.. Cuomo, by the time the vaccines get approval for mass distribution, Trump will be out of office. What a stupid thing to say.. Trump is going to be in court more than Judge Judy.

Guitar rug

Guitar rug- pic 1
rug- pic 1

Heard the vaccine will be ready in April..and Trump wont be president by no worries.. Trump is a SOB He doesn’t care about anyone. He deserves to lose.. Cuomo give it a rest already! He keeps running his mouth and saying nothing like every politician!!. First you said you didn’t want it, and now that Trump called you out for all to hear, now you want it.. My local fortune teller said Trump will be prosecuted for treason once he’s ousted from the office on 20th January in the full view of world media. Guitar rug. Linda Ornstein Schild. Last I heard he rejected the vaccine under Trump…was waiting on Joe to deliver it. Cuomo is C r A z Y! He said he was not going to let the people of New York have the vaccine until He got a OK from Medical Authorities that the vaccine was Good.. The drug company held back the vaccine so they could release it after the election so Trump would not have the drug in his term in office, all for Biden???? It’s the Democrats playing with peoes lives???? Andre Outlaw. Cuomo the compassionate how many died when they shoved them into nursing homes in New York? And New York City? What the hell is going on there? Pathetic.. Amanda Fitch. I’m so happy this evil will be gone in January.. I knew this man would be a disaster. Cant stand Trump. Sulky, vindictive, childish, moronic, et al.. Tell the truth what Trump said!! He did not say he’d withhold it if Cuomo wanted it. Stirring the pot. Cuomo needs to learn how to get along with others and accept the blame for his shortcomings.

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Guitar rug. Order now before lose it forever.

Yes Andrew!! Grab him by his tiny balls!!. He can save his money. Biden will see that all states whether red or blue will get the vaccine. We all are AMERICANS!!!. There is nothing more dangerous than a vengeful delusional leader. Big Bird.. Jen DiMaria Mastronardi. No wonder he didn’t get re-elected!! boy bye! .

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