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Becoming Emperor of Germany was the culmination of the Hohenzollern Family. Guitar Ultimate Mugs. When William I ascended the throne “Kaiser” (German means “Emperor”) Germany in 1871, besides, he was also King of Prussia, Duke of the Brandenburg Electoral District. He wanted to be known as the Emperor of all Germans, but was advised against by Otto Von Bismarck, who had said that the southern princes of Germany and the Emperor of Austria might oppose this. Therefore, he was only known as the Emperor of Germany.

Guitar Ultimate Mugs

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This emperor’s lineage also came to a point of decline when Wilhelm II, the last German Emperor, announced his abdication shortly before the end of World War I. That was the result of the German Revolution in 1918, after The royal family was abolished, and the emperor was forced to abdicate. The old empire disappeared and was followed by the establishment of the Weimar Republic (also known as the People’s State of Germany) in 1918, with Germany in a spiral of instability, unemployment and great depression. – all were drastically overcome with the emergence of the head-to-head as prime minister in 1933. So what was the Hohenzollern Family like in Modern times? After a failed foreclosure procedure in 1926, the Hohenzollern Family managed to maintain its financial position, while at the same time holding ownership of a number of important properties, including the old but impressive Monbijou Palace in Berlin. , Olesnica Castle in Silesia, Rheinsberg Palace, Schwedt Palace and more.

However, they only kept these things until 1945 when they lost their ownership. In the post-World War II Soviet Occupation, the communists took (appropriated) all land from landowners and industrialists, and as a result, the Hohenzollerns lost nearly all of their estate. . After the Reunification of Germany in 1990, the Hohenzollerns were finally returned to some of their properties through legal means. Includes many works of art and some interior parts of former palaces. These negotiations are still in progress.

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