Gun piece be with you shirt, hoodie and tank top

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You are literally saying that the gun tottin’ Republicans are less likely to shoot Obama than the peace loving and tolerant left are to shoot Trump. Gun piece be with you. Ali, did you see anything that even closely resembles the violence we see towards Trump supporters when Obama was in office?

Gun piece be with you shirt

Gun piece be with you tank top
tank top
Gun piece be with you sweatshirt
Gun piece be with you hoodie

We(those who didn’t vote for him,Barry Sotero) weren’t happy he won but it was what it was. Gun piece be with you. Simply, because Antifa hasn’t committed no where near the amount of hateful and murderous acts right wing extremists have. My dear, let me tell you something you don’t know about leadership talkless of a leader ruling a great nation like America. During Mr Mr Trump campaign from day one, he was already my choosing president, America need a HOT leader who people must criticized, you have to thank Mr Trump for making the Name America great . You will understand more good about him when he will be off from power. I love Mr Trump even he have abandoned Cameroon in 4 years civil war but he still remains my best. and yet used more in 4 yrs than the Obama administration did in 8. He has the secret service to protect his former wives ,children and grandchildren. He used money to house the secret service at his place in Bedminster when no one was planning to visit. Trump has destroyed everyhing prior to his “Leadership” USA is Doomed because of trump’s Self Importance. Its smacks of the Nazi movement and Hitler. God Save what was America. Trump is just an ignorant 5 year old bully shouldn’t have never been in the White House unqualified big time for his connections to the Mob alone and his connection to Deutsche Bank which is dirty to not showing his taxes he should have never been in the White House valdimir Putin boy.

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