Hair stylist I’ll cut you face mask

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These people haven’t gone away and will never change their behaviour. Hair stylist I’ll cut you face mask. Do you really believe that they are now diligently scrubbing their hands every two hours?

Hair stylist I’ll cut you face mask

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Covid is hear to stay. Spread will continue masks, gloves or not. Hair stylist I’ll cut you face mask. It is behavioural practices in public health that also need to change. Virus can be perfectly maintained when you don’t try to enforce Herd Immunity, other Countries have done it, we could do it easily if our beloved PM didn’t care more about profit than people’s lives… You are both right but behaviours definitely need to change and hygiene standards raised across society generically there are some downright repellent dirty individuals out there that will not help the situation!! couldn’t agree more, and those that sneeze and cough all over the place. Dirty buggers. There is the biggest problem for sure. I think it was inevitable after nothing was done since 2008 to prepare for a pandemic. The consequences of the ideology of austerity by cutting services without an understanding of the consequences. When the virus struck the government wasted the little time they had then there was little they could do. The Science is being dictated by shortages of PPE and testing. Walter Mcgregor I am rather OCD when it comes to washing my hands but that comes with years of working in healthcare. I understand the impact of not washing hand. Most people don’t live like this. Someone in there 40s recently said to me I have never been OCD with washing hands and I have never been ill in my life. To be fair they were right.

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