Hamilton king george da da da mug

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Big bad corona.. wooh.. how will we ever live again. Hamilton king george da da da mug. I like there hasn’t been virus outbreaks before.

Hamilton king george da da da mug

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mug- pic 1

People wake up. Just picture yourself as a Democrat. Then you know what it feels like. They only have mental capabilities of an 8 yr old. So what you are saying is that the rise in cases is happening in a lot of others countries not just the USA. Are you going to blame our president for that too? Obama had magical powers and can control a virus.. or maybe it’s because we didn’t mask ourselves and social distance.. bc they both don’t work. Hamilton king george da da da mug. Clearly. And CNN, the rest of their partisan, biased anti-American Democratic propagandists (such as MSNBC/NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, PBS, NY Times etc.), the anti-American Democratic party, and the anti-American neo-Marxist career activist radicals will blame it all on Donald Trump. Because everything is Donald Trump’s fault. So says CNN, Democrats etc. etc. etc. I look at these posts and can clearly see why its such an issue in the states. The virus isn’t political republicans like man you guys are total whack jobs. which countries have NOT handled it better? Show your work. Use facts. Go ahead. Jk I know you have no desire to think critically (or tell the truth). Have you ever seen cnn praising the police? They’ve justified riots and looting, but they never say a good word about the police. The same police who ran to the burning buildings on the September 11th attack.

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