Hanging with gnomebody quarantine life shirt

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Like Trump told Afro Americans is the same thing he’s telling Americans…Hanging with gnomebody quarantine life. What have you got to lose?

Hanging with gnomebody quarantine life

Hanging with gnomebody quarantine life shirt- pic 1
shirt- pic 1

For Afros it’s their dignity and for Americans it’s their LIVES. Hanging with gnomebody quarantine life. Thoughts and prayers mfers thoughts and prayers. it would be nice if everyone was respectful and acted like they had the virus. I wish they would mandate a face covering while in public though. Nothing wrong with this. In South Korea, we did the same. Please stop blaming the government and just comply the guidelines. My youngest son works at a gas station. He’s newly essential. I wish he was barricaded in his apartment until the ALL CLEAR. The government is a joke..you’ll be waiting forever with the liar at the helm..good for you..better do by yourself because you won’t get help from federal government. If it wasn’t for federal laws our children would be working in factories. Trump has already rolled back protections for workers. Where do you think the time and one half law came from? How did this coronavirus leave the biology lab? Who is responsible for this? Why doesn’t anyone ask Vice President Pence or Bill Gates about this? The answer seems obvious to me. They need to switch over to pick up or delivery ONLY, and close stores to the public. Trump’s government is inadequate as usual. Just remember his lack of leadership come November. Sorry but bone spurs is not a “war time” President. Far from it. They are making their own safety plans and strategy rather than depending on a man who looks busy doing nothing. Appreciative.

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