Happy Camper Live Love Camp 3d Hoodie

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Katie Sweeney, sorry Katie. If there is any revolution, it’s Biden’s not Bernie’s. It’s very clear that the majority of voters want a moderate NOT the too far left Bernie. Never like Bernie in 2016 and never like him now for I am not a fool like you to believe in his promises that he will never be able to fulfill. If anybody should drop out here, it’s Bernie and his ego. You’re embarrassing yourself. Happy Camper Live Love Camp 3d Hoodie. Biden wants to steal from the old and poor just like trump. Trump and Biden are the new Marley and Scrooge

Happy Camper Live Love Camp 3d Hoodie

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I call it Independent because HE calls himself and registers as an Independent. Personally. Happy Camper Live Love Camp 3d Hoodie. I have no problem with socialist healthcare or society but socialist government AMERICA DOES NOT WANT. Bernie has failed miserably in separating the two. AOC has the message on point but Bernie’s massive ego won’t let him take some pointers from someone like AOC. She will probably be the one to get America to understand these things are helpful not harmful. Again. Bernie cannot thrash the Democratic party and then expect them to support him. AOC accompanied the two together and was very successful with it. Bernie voter logic: “We have to beat Trump, but if you win the nomination you will lose to Trump and I won’t vote for you.” Well maybe if you spoiled brats voted he wouldn’t! Duh! And Bernie said he would support Biden if he loses. But he’s clearly catering to a spoiled generation with comments like these.

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