Happy Camper Quilt Blanket

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But it’s just down right inhuman to keep counting death everyday a ventilator are piled up and not being used. Happy Camper Quilt Blanket. We had just today alone 1,423 deaths today in the great USA and piles of unused ventilator.

Happy Camper Quilt Blanket

Happy Camper Quilt Blanket- twin
Blanket- twin
Happy Camper Quilt Blanket- queen
Blanket- queen
Happy Camper Quilt Blanket- king
Blanket- king

Explain this to me and Trump. the Fact is people are dying out here daily, and that’s the fact. Happy Camper Quilt Blanket. And I’m a well grown man and can handle myself. Just pray to God that you don’t need one of those ventilator, cause this virus don’t have no one’s name on it, it’s taking people out of all nationalities, so it could have easily been me or you begging and pleading in your heart for someone to please help cause your breath is about to be cut off and ain’t nothing you can do but give up and die. It could be us next you never know. Trump is the one who got him fired….Trump only likes traitors like Flynn and Manafort because he is a traitor himself. he wasn’t fired. He was relieved of his duties, NOT because of writing the letter and sending it up the chain of command..BUT because he also sent it to the news media. THAT was against regulations. He still has his rank and Is still in the Navy! Don’t believe what you hear from the news media. Trump has no place for a traitor. He is pro USA. Sorry for the Captains poor judgement. He should have have known better, he did it anyway so now he has his consequences. Probably planning a book or movie deal. What did he think would happen?

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