Happy donkeys filter face mask

Do you want it? Happy donkeys filter face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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Do you realize that Joe Biden has no chance to win what so ever! Also lots of Bernie supporters would rather vote for Trump than the establishment candidate that’s what voted trump in office. It’s truly a sad time in America just like in 2016 were left with choosing between the least of 2 Evil. Happy donkeys filter face mask. I feel truly sadden because there was still so many states that didn’t have a chance to vote. It’s like our voices doesn’t matter. I’m very disappointed that you are not going to become president of USA.I’m not American but I like your enthusiasm & creativity because you promised everything what common people require to live normal life.Respect from my heart

Happy donkeys filter face mask

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face mask – detail

From the bottom of my heart I thank you Senator Sanders! Happy donkeys filter face mask. After we lick our wounds we must sharpen our resolve in order to keep up the good fight for progress. There are plenty of great progressives running in state and local elections. Thank you for making so ya believe that politicians can represent the people and have their best interest at heart. You’ve inspired so many people. Hopefully that inspiration will one day result in a president that represents the values of the American people as you have. Saying that your campaign is suspended, but you will stay on the ballots and continue to amass delegates, is not ending your fight. It’s moving from conventional to guerilla warfare.

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