Happy Thanksgiving Peanuts shirt, v-neck, tank top

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Happy Thanksgiving Peanuts. Order now before lose it forever.



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The democratic socialist don’t use the Nazi signs, but they have new signs and they attack Americans. The criminals who let secret info get out and used the alphabets to attack American and those criminals who sold uranium to Russia need to see American Justice. Happy Thanksgiving Peanuts. America is at war today with the anti American democratic socialist and their propaganda media. So heck yes they all would be pissed at the attacks from with in America today. Mike Hamel, ignore the incoherent ramblings of Donald Sump’s misguided followers for they know not what they’re doing. But one day they will discover what they’ve done. Teri Ross Amazing how Trump supporters are so ignorant.

Happy Thanksgiving Peanuts shirt, v-neck, tank top

Happy Thanksgiving Peanuts v-neck
Happy Thanksgiving Peanuts sweatshirt
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2020 election is 22 years away.and there is not a Presedential election in 2020 MORON! He won’t make it past 2000 election and may not make it after the 2018 midterms. We Democrats Need To Impeach him and take back our country. Cullum Roybal probably because all the bastards that voted for him. Screamed about Clinton going to Canada to avoid the draft! You all cried then, then vote in a boy that bought his way out of service. Mike Hamel nazis killed babies. Nazis took the Jews guns . Nazis told the German people how evil the jews were. Nazis used propaganda to corrupt peoples minds. Sound familiar? Mike Hamel my family lived through the horrors of the nazis and my family would actually appreciate and vote for President Trump. You obviously do not have a very good idea of the horrors or else you would not devalue my family’s horrible experience. Please don’t compare President Trump to Hitler. Happy Thanksgiving Peanuts. That is an insult to all of us and degrading to my family. You are comparing torture mass incarceration more torture murder rape mass graves and murder to what? I don’t get it. What are you talking about!

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