Harley davidson 3d face mask

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Like you guys invented Chicago style pizza but everyone would say the pizza was invented Italy. Harley davidson 3d face mask. It’s like me saying we invented Chinese food cause I can order chips peas and gravy from my local Chinese.

Harley davidson 3d face mask

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Does not change the fact that British food sucks! Diet was not brought into discussion! Understand my pudding of view!? why do you guys dislike Americans so much? We have the good and the bad just like everyone else. But the food is kinda crappy for the most part. Harley davidson 3d face mask. I don’t dislike Americans. I have many mates that are from America. Nyc is my fav city after London. I was in America and Canada for my bday in march 2019. Still doesn’t change the fact that being in America would be worse in terms of food, what people eat and how bad it is. Just look at the obesity rates. this was in Scotland, if you bothered to read the article. Nicola Sturgeon likes to show she’s in control and everyone is in lockdown behaving themselves.. Which obviously isn’t quite true judging by this. Original British food was so bland and boring that they had to create a world wide empire to finally get some good tasting food. our food is WAY better than yours….we have a far more diverse population…so the American diet is very diverse as well. English food is famously terrible. no like literally entire dishes are completely American, not just adaptations. Examples: Chop suey, orange chicken, egg foo yung, moo goo gai pan, shrimp in lobster sauce, fortune cookies. That’s just a small list. Obviously not everything in Chinese restaurants was invented in America, but a lot were and not by Chinese people either.

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