Harley davidson american flag face mask

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I’m not talking about myself actually, I’m talking about people that are unemployed, can’t pay their utilities, can’t afford food, and can’t afford rent. Harley davidson american flag face mask. This country would be so much better off if trump had taken things seriously.

Harley davidson american flag face mask

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He didn’t and now the country is paying for his mistake. 100,00 deaths were from five states, I wonder what all the states did different? It is what it is, we must looking forward and stop going backwards. Well of course not silly. I’m paying myself for it, because I, like the majority of the top 20% to 30%’ers, pay the majority of all the collected taxes. I’m just enjoying something now, I’ll have to pay back for years to come. I addressed it, I am fortunate that I am classified as an essential employee and therefore, I am taking care of my needs, but my original point still stands. Harley davidson american flag face mask. trump is in part responsible for letting things progress to the point that they are right now because he didn’t take things seriously and people are hurting because of his mistakes. You are showing the same casual disregard for those in need that trump is. And again, how. Is he forcing those whom do not use basic hygiene standards, just as to ward off a cold or flu? Why do people seek govt involvement when you control 100% of your own standards? It’s befuddling really. It is what it is” is easy for trump to say because trump refuses to take responsibility for his mistakes, and he’s made many during this pandemic. Yes we need to move forward, but we have to also acknowledge that our “leadership” or lack thereof has significantly contributed to this mess this country is now in. Many of those deaths were preventable IF trump had listened to the reputable scientific and medical advisors sooner.

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