Harley Quinn Chibi shirt and sweatshirt

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Trump is fighting for your freedoms unless you use them to even question anything he says or does. Harley Quinn Chibi. Then he does whatever he can do destroy you.

Harley Quinn Chibi

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Harley Quinn Chibi sweatshirt
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So basically it’s the same kind of freedom enjoyed by citizens in his favorite countries, Russia & North Korea. Cindi Ribera , all I see are white peoples in the crowd? You say you are tired of being pushed but it sounds more like you are placing blame for your problems on people of color instead of the corporation socialism that controls the government. If you don’t believe me, google the profits and subsidies corporations get where they are not paying taxes or decent wages. Harley Quinn Chibi. And I was not aware of American flags being burned? They have been having a meltdown since he won and before he was even inaugurated they were screaming impeach. Y’all are funny. 30 second memory. Exactly , all these haters are the ones tearing it apart. If Trump gets elected in 2016 it will be a nightmare, totalitarian, concentration camps, the stock market will crash , all the bullshit they said none of it happened and his term is almost done. By his fascist rallies in which he feeds the mobs lies and whips up their hate while having them dump money into his enormous treasury. Kristalnacht will be next. This man is not president of the United States of America, he is the Glorious Leader of foolish people who have lost sight of reality. And they are already making excuses about Russia because they are going to lose 2020.

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