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Gotta love corporatism and corporate socialism that our government loves to practice. Harley davidson eagle sneaker. The last time the Democrats dominated all levels of government for a long time was when FDR won 4 landslide elections and the Congress had an alternating democratic majority or super majority for 16 years. That’s when the party gave a f#ck about working people and actually tried to help them. They are hiring too! oh joy, let’s get put at risk by a company that doesn’t care and put people fighting for what’s right out of a job.

Harley davidson eagle sneaker

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sneaker – Black
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Everyone works in dangerous positions that contact other people and stopping all contact between people is really a tough thing! Cashiers at grocery stores comes to mind and why is Walmart still not curb servicing everything instead of delivering to cars all over the parking lot. Harley davidson eagle sneaker. Letting the public mingle widely is really a bad idea. People think it is cool to work or buy in that inhumane place . People cannot even sit for 8-12 hrs. It must be gross to become rich out of the suffering of others. The power is in your hands. Support small businesses and start producing things. Otherwise you will always be working for India or China. A good government should help its citizens produce and market their products.



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