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“Mean, Nasty, Angry”. Harley davidson face mask. Sounds like Trump is describing himself.

Harley davidson face mask

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He needs to add “Arrogant, Ignorant, Liar, Con Man” and many more similar adjectives to describe himself. Biden/Harris 2020! Everything the dems are doing seems to be shoring up Trumps chances too. They have a creepy old sniffer as their choice. That may be true but look at Trump. He’s been accused 25 times of rape, has said he likes to grab women by the pussy, went into the Miss Universe pagaent dressing room while the contestants were dressing. Harley davidson face mask. He’s even creepier. Sniffed vs Trump grabbing. No comparison. Your comments says alot about your respect for women, since you didn’t call out Trump. I think trump is the definition of mean, angry, and nasty… he takes all three to new levels with almost every word and action from him. Refusal to fund the post office by trump should be dealt with ASAP. He admitted today he is doing it to stop voting by mail. With the pandemic, we should have the option of going in person to the polls or staying at home and voting by mail. Yhall want no more ID. We will stop you. Let’s not forget the demRATS weren’t able to come up with a plan to help Americans. Trump as President is practicing censorship. Trump doesn’t mind us having mail as long as we are not mailing a ballot. Helping people in need during a global pandemic, being honest, taking responsibility and showing respect also helps re election chances..

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