Harley davidson hawaiian shirt

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Another “science” example. Harley davidson hawaiian shirt. They don’t want you to get HCQ, they, dnc, cnn, msnbc, nbc, npr, pbs, etc, create fear every day and keep hysteria going, trying to convince people that it’s not safe to go and vote in person.

Harley davidson hawaiian shirt

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shirt- pic 2

You can go to weed and alcohol stores safely though and the virus won’t touch you. This is their game plane to get mail-in voting going. They’re creating a fear so people agree with mail-in voting. Notice they want to keep schools closed, churches closed? Where do polling booths are located usually? Harley davidson hawaiian shirt. Schools and churches. When you were born, grew up and lived in the former ussr, you see things differently than naive Americans. What are you talking about? Did I say anything about scientific base or anything along that line? Was I even responding to you? Nope! You seem to be stuck in attack mode so ease back and retract your claws. Grocery store workers, doctors, and truckers are expected to work to feed and keep healthy teachers and their students so why can’t teachers be expected to teach our children? nobody has said school is cancelled, you just want teachers to risk their life because you listen to trump and have no medical knowledge how to reduce disease incidence. We all need the teachers to come back to work but most of them are fear of Corona virus. I pray our kids should not fail in the academic. Jeff Leyda sincerely someone in online college which is more realistic to our work force then forcing in person class on folks…

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