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Cast 75, really? Harmonica Knowledge Poster. I respect my elders, but thats pushin it, and not even close to spreading it out, equally!

Harmonica Knowledge Poster

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Not even close! You have your opinion Sir, and I have mine!! But I would like the licence to be ‘free’ for 65 year olds but hat unlikely in this day and age! Oh first its 75, now it 65, seems like two opinions now. Maybe thats because soical ignorance, no wonder this worlds going the way its going. By the way I bet, the moral between opinions, I wouldn’t be surprised, that mine stands out the most, sir! This is pretty common, total opposite with my family. Harmonica Knowledge Poster. My older brother was a jerk, while I did my work and had all the responsibility placed on me. He mellowed out eventually, but I was still expected to do what was needed without any praise. Being The only male child made him a golden being. Oldest gets the crown and youngest gets the broom, it’s parents fault. Then again the oldest throws out the parents and the youngest looks after them. And that’s life, take it or leave it. Calm down you two youngest here. You can go settle down after all the hard work of breaking down parents has been done for you. They’ll never know how easy they had it! Also, I’m sure I’ve read a number of articles about how awesome and intelligent eldest children are. And sexy. Whoever did this is right to a certain extent,BUT the youngest is so smart and loving, because they learnt all the tricks from the older one. The middle one has always been the “left out kid”.. very sad.

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