Harmonica Vintage Poster

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By your logic if Obama was at fault then, shouldn’t Trump be at fault now? Harmonica Vintage Poster. Farah Iman Green how does it help with your question.

Harmonica Vintage Poster

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Poster – A1
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Poster – A3
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Poster – A2

Trump has been in office for 3 yrs. ya think others before him would bare some responsibility. Harmonica Vintage Poster. I don’t get the blame game. I know they’ll stoop to new lows and lie to get him out. Pretty sad. Rich Byrnes I swear people like you arguing about bs wont get it until your loved one or you drop dead. It doesnt matter. We must pull together. Support each other. I’m sorry but Trump is not a good leader. He is not reassuring. I wish he would step back and let Pence handle it instead. We need leadership right now. Cuomo is trying, regardless of missteps. We need our leaders to make an effort and stop the blame game. Our medical workers lives are riding on good decisions being made. I wish Governor Cuomo would run for president he runs New York so well and he is doing his best during the situation. Do you think Trump’s plan of us going back to work after Easter is realistic? I don’t believe so. I would love for our economy to get better but health comes first. No it’s not realistic the virus hasn’t reached its peak. The Governors and Mayors who have shut down their cities will not reopen them until the virus has reached its peak and declines. It’s nice to see a politician who is sincere amd empathetic. Respect to Gov Cuomo. I am a fan of him now!!

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