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Caroline CeallaighHow much of the total was for actual infrastructure and how much is for whst dems sre trying to redefine as infrastructure? WHERE HAS THE FEDERAL TAX ON GASOLINE BEEN SPENT?! It was levied for roads snd bridges upkeep.3 . Top FanHiehle JackPerhaps if Dems focused on real infrastructure and not attempting to create a utopian society of free gifts, some Republicans would vote for a sensible bill. 4 . Wilson GreigFunny in it when the Republicans were in power your party didn’t lift a finger to help out either, case of the pot calling kettle black….5 . Lynn SailorsBernie Sanders. The main bridge going from AR into TN (through Memphis) was shutdown from a huge break in it. Supposed to be shut down for months. That leaves ONE very old bridge for interstate commerce to travel. THIS alone should be enough to sway multi state R’s on infrastructure deal. 4  Harry potter gift for true fan low top shoes

Harry potter gift for true fan low top shoes

Bernice Ro, we’ve got plenty of clues and they all point to VOTER SUPPRESSION… Harry potter gift for true fan low top shoes NPR.ORG After Record 2020 Turnout, State Republicans Weigh Making It Harder To Vote. Anna Tsekenis-Shehas From Australia, this looks completely wrong. It’s not about a right to vote, it’s everyone’s responsibility to vote. Governments have to make it easy for people to discharge their responsibilities when the time arises.. They need to make voting easier for those who are eligible to vote.These suppression laws are targeting voters of color and the poor! It is not a democratic system unless all voters have equal access to the ballot box!!!. Anna Tsekenis-Shehas please describe how you think a vote should go. I think voter I.D is needed and ballot should not be mailed out in masses. Employers should give worker time to vote. Transportation provided for those who wish to vote but can’t get to the poles. Short of that may the best cheater win.

Harry potter gift for true fan low top shoes

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